Saturday, January 17, 2009

Computer Troubles

I haven't posted in a computer's power cord is all messed up and I have no power to my laptop. I am using my hubbies computer when I can. So no pictures until I can bring my computer in to get it fixed! I hate not showing pics, my blog is really boring with out them. I have some really good pics to share too. Kyle made an AWESOME Indiana Jones cake for Aidans birthday party Friday. You will be impressed...

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Another E.R. visit

This time it was Colby, not Tyler that needed to go. He and Aidan were supposed to be taking a shower upstairs before bed. But they were not. Colby was standing on the back of the toilet looking across the room into the cabinets to see if any magnetic darts were up there. Unfortunately the lid of the back of the toilet wasn't made for standing on so Colby fell on the floor and landed on his ear which just about ripped in half...see?

We were in the ER for about an hour and a half and they gave him 5 stiches in his right ear and he was good to go. Just another normal day at our house!

Here are the little ones waiting for brother to get done...