Friday, June 24, 2011

How to make a Vietnamese Iced Coffee

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My husband Kyle learned to make this at Vietnamese restaurant he
 worked out after we got married way back in the is so yummy and sweet!

The Ingredients:

-Hot water: I just ran filtered water throught the coffeepot, but you could boil it on the stove if you wanted.
-Sweetened condensed milk
-Cafe Du Monde New Orleans Blend Coffee and Chicory
-Vietnamese coffee filter (you can get these at an oriental market for around $5-$6
-a cup of ice
-Vanilla syrup (optional)
-a mug or wide brimmed cup to mix the coffee in  before you pour it over ice

Add the sweetened condensed milk to your mug...about 2 tablespoons...the more you use the sweeter the coffee will be!

Next you will add your coffee to the filter

One nice heaping tablespoon of coffee.

Now put the press back into the little pot.

Screw that bad boy on nice and tight. You may have to take some coffee out if you can't get it on the threads of the screw. After it has been screwed down all the way loosen it just about an eighth of a turn. If it's too tight it won't allow any water to drain through.

Place filter on the coffee cup.

Pour hot water in the filter until it reaches the brim. After it drains past the top of the screw fill it again to the brim.

Now for the hardest part, wait for all the water to drip through the filter. I know you are excited for this delicious coffee concoction but I have faith that you can endure the 3 minutes it will take to drain all the way.

Black Gold!

Stir vigorously (I said VIGOROUSLY! That's better.) to mix the sweetened condensed milk with the coffee.

For a little added yumminess, add some vanilla syrup. Or go plain, it's amazing either way.

Do not be alarmed at the black specks, they're only coffee grounds.

Pour into a large glass of ice.

Stir like a boss.

If I knew the Vietnamese word for done, I would put it here, but I don't so...

*Disclaimer from my hubby. These drinks are good, sweet, strong, and very easy to down quickly, however do not overdo it, your kidneys will thank you later.

*Disclaimer from me. The lighting in these pics is terrible, but my only natural
 light is 20 ft away in my living room... gotta love apartment living!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Random pictures, mostly from June

Looking out from a parking garage in the French Quarter

Feeding parakeets at the aquarium

Playing at the pool

Our Freckle King!
My sweet grandpa on Fathers Day!

Kyle and his dad on Fathers Day

A picture I painted a couple of months fun! We had a lady come to campus and teach us how to paint this. I normally can barely draw a stick figure but this was easy!

My husband before he shaved his head bald : )