Thursday, July 1, 2010

Getting ready for the big move!

I'm getting excited! We are moving in about 4 weeks to the "Big Easy"! We haven't started packing just yet, we should start collecting boxes though...

Kyle resigned from his job last week so as of now we are unemployed, and Kyle is trying to get hired on at a temp agency for the last couple of weeks that we are here. Good times!

I've gotten almost everything I need to homeschool the boys next year, so I am pretty relieved about that. Now I just have to do some organization and planning. We are using My Father's World, Saxon 76, Applications in Grammar Book 2, and Writing Strands for the 2 older boys. I am not quite sure what I will be doing with the younger two. Aidan will be doing 1st grade and Jackson will be doing kindergarten. I got some Learn at Home workbooks for them and I think I will use those along with some phonics for Jackson, but I still need to find a good phonics program for him.

The house is for sale, we have had LOTS of people come by and get fliers from the for sale sign but so far we have had only 2 people come look at the house. We are praying the Lord will sell it before we move, if that is His will.