Saturday, December 3, 2011

Time for a new blog post.

I am tired of looking at the football pics every time I look at my blog.

So here is a new one! Even though it is Christmastime, I am gonna post a pic from Halloween!

We trick or treated in the area around our church while also
collecting food for kids at local schools to bring home. We didn't have the extra funds for new costumes so we had to use a little imagination. Colby is an artist. Jackson is wearing a 3 year old costume that we found a free printable mask for online, Aidan is wearing a costume that used to be Tylers when he was that age, and Tyler is wearing his dad's hunting gear and using his air soft gun to be a hunter.
In November we had a table at the craft fair here on campus and Kyle made and sold crab shell ornaments, which were pretty popular. He is still getting order for them a month later. Here are a few of my favorites:
Not the best light in the kitchen at night...but you get the idea.

Cute snowman scene

LSU crab shell ornament - Tiger Eye


Saints crab shell ornament

I don't like Alabama, I just like the detailed work on this one. (Alabama ornament)

This was a popular one.

Sorry this one is not too clear, its from Kyles iPhone.
 You can order your own custom crab from Etsy at Crescent City Crab Shells.

He made a lot more ornaments, a lot of them being SEC teams.

On to other news...we are getting ready for Christmas over here! We have our tree up and decorated, and we also have our LSU tree all trimmed and lit up. I'll try to get a few pics when I have better lighting of our trees and our front door decor.

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