Saturday, September 17, 2011

My husband demands a new blog post...

So things have been pretty slow around these parts.

All the boys have started school. Tyler and Colby are using Switched on Schoolhouse, where all their schoolwork is on the computer. Tyler loves it, Colby not so much. Aidan and Jackson are doing Konos, which is a biblical unit study curriculum, First Language Lessons, Math-U-See, and Explode the Code. They  enjoy doing school. They are all taking some classes that the campus homeschool group offers. All four are taking Conversational Spanish, Beginning Public Speaking, and P.E. classes. Tyler, Colby, and Aidan are all taking Drama (Jackson is too young). Tyler and Colby are doing a Science Lab once a week. We are pretty busy during the weekday mornings.

Kyle just started a new job at a restaurant in Metairie. He should finish training this week. He says school is going well so far. He's also playing flag football here on campus.

I'm president of the Student Wives Fellowships this school year. Basically I am in charge of planning and organizing fellowships each month during the school year for the wives of the students here on campus.We just had our second one on the 15th, and about 40 ladies came. This time we learned about couponing. Next month we are doing a recipe trade/tasting. Everyone will prepare and bring their favorite appetizer or main dish and then bring a copy of that recipe to share. That way you can taste everything and only take home the recipes you actually liked. Then we are gonna play Bunco! I am also the teacher for the younger Beginning Public Speaking class that Aidan and Jackson are in, which is funny because I am absolutely terrified of public speaking, which I have to do for Student Wives Fellowships!

That is all for now...I'm gonna go take some pictures of the Pinterest things I have made and hopefully get some pics from our Student Wives Fellowship this past Thursday and share them with you ASAP!

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Kelli said...

Wow, you guys are busy, busy! Lots of changes! How is Kyle liking his new job? We just might have to swing down there real quick and visit this restaurant ;)

JOYfully in Him,