Friday, December 30, 2011


The boys have been taking Judo lessons for about a year now. There is a man at our church who gives them lessons twice a week for free! I love all the things they are learning in this class...discipline, respect, self defense. We love Judo! Here are some pictures from our first tournament at Tulane.

(The red belt is just to tell one opponent from another, if they are both yellow belts then they won't know which one to score.)


Serious about his first match.

Colby wins!

Jackson is actually pretty good, but did not take this tournament very seriously...he lost both of his matches, but had fun anyway!

Colby's next opponent was a beautiful redheaded girl...he beat her too!

Tyler and Kyle were the only kids in their weight class, so they had to fight each other like they do in class every week. Tyler won one and lost two.

This kid has Aidan pinned...I think this is the one he lost. He won two other rounds though...

Waiting on his match...

Aidan beat this black belt!

Colby, Tyler, Mary, Aidan, Jackson, Kyle and Mr. Larry.

So I can't find the pics of my tree or wreath right now but here are a few random pictures of crabs!

LSU crab shell ornament-Tiger eye

Jackson at the craft fair

Some of the crab shell ornaments Kyle had at the craft fair.

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Kelli said...

Love it Brooke! That is awesome, they look like they love it ;) I would love for Eli and Kai to take karate!