Sunday, September 28, 2008

I did some bargain shopping Sunday...

First I went to CVS and this is what I got:
-Colgate toothpaste $3.29
--on sale for $2.50
--$1.oo off CVS coupon
--$0.75 off mfg. coupon

-Colgate toothbrush $3.99
--on sale for $2.50
--$1.00 off mfg. coupon

-Fusion Power Razor $11.99
--on sale for $9.99
--$4.00 off mfg. coupon

-- I used a $2 ECB

Total: $6.24 (plus tax)

I got $7 back in ECB's and a coupon for $2 off AMBI body care

At Walmart I got :
-A pair of 12 husky blue jeans on clearance for $7
-8 cloth napkins on sale for $1 a piece ( I am going to frame and display them!)
-9 packs of Koolaid-$0.20 each
-3 packs of Kraft Singles cheese-FREE!
-2 golden bell peppers- regularly $1.89-price matched from Market Basket 2 for $0.99
-I joined "Psssst" and got a coupon for a free Pillsbury Flaky Twists

Total: $17.76

And at Walgreens I got:
-Puffs tissues $1.49
--on sale for $0.89
--$0.25 off coupon

-Puff tissues $1.79
--on sale for $0.89
--$0.25 off coupon

-60 Dixie cups
--on clearance for $0.94

-Vanity Fair bowls (18)
--on sale for $1.99
--$1.00 off mfg. coupon
Total: $ 3.21 (plus tax)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

In the city...

So Kyle had a training in Houston this week and I decided to accompany him. Beckie and Dave were "unable" to keep the boys so a good friend of mine offered to watch all my chil'uns so off I went! Kyle leaves the hotel at about 6:40 every morning and comes back around 5-ish. Needless to say it has been very quiet around here.

I drove over to meet him Monday evening. He had a "dinner meeting" to attend and got back in the room about 8.

Tuesday I read a book and a half (all day) and then we went to the Katy Mills mall after sitting in traffic for an hour and a half and we played glow in the dark putt-putt. Don't know how well you can see in these was dark!

Wednesday I ventured out all by myself. These Houston people are crazy drivers! And the one way roads get really confusing. Anywho, I survived. I went to the Museum of Health and Science thinking that since I was not studying my books that I might learn something there. But it was a total waste as it was more suited for elementary students. So back to the hotel I went to wait for Kyle. Did I mention we are on the 23rd floor? VERY high up. That took a couple of days to get used to. So back to Wednesday. Kyle and I braved the traffic once again and headed to Dave and Busters. When we left for the restaurant there was a fire truck and an ambulance in the valet area. We didn't see anything so we didn't think much of it. Well when Kyle went to training this morning the other guys tell him that there was a man that jumped from the 23rd floor and landed in the front end of the lobby! All the hotel room doors open up into an atrium like area and he (supposedly) jumped from the walkway in front of the rooms. There was no sign of anything when we got back from the restaurant and no sign of anything at all this morning but Kyle says the other guys staying here that are also on this floor were (by the police) and everything. He also said that crazy stuff like that happens all the time in Houston and it doesn't even make the news anymore. And I was kind of starting to enjoy it here! Its just so busy and there is tons of stuff to do.

Ok, well that's all I have to say about that! I am headed back early tomorrow morning and I am gonna unpack and clean and pick up the kids and wait for my hubby to get home !

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Not a whole lot going on!

Everyone is finally back in school now after the hurricane business! I am doing ok so far...I haven't failed anything yet, so thats a plus! The boys are doing well also. Kyle is getting settled in with his new job, still in the training stage but excited to start doing what he does best! Other than that, not a whole lot is going on. Next week Kyle will be in Houston for training. I will probably go meet him after I take my Bio lab quiz on the heart on Tuesday. Can't miss it... I really need those points! Beckie and Dave are keeping the boys.
SO that is what is going on with us!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Problems at Walgreens?

Has anyone else had a problem using their Register Rewards at Walgreens when using coupons?
I went yesterday to get the Benefiber and Excedrine and I had 2 man. coupons and 1 Easy Saver coupon and I tried to use my $10 in RR from the Robitussin deal last week. The cashiers NEVER have any idea why, they just tell me it won't work.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Walgreens and CVS

Here's what I got at Walgreens:
-Flip Flops $1.99 (clearance for $0.50) They match my school colors!
-Schick razor $4.99
-Poptarts $2.19
-Crest Pro Health mouthwash $4.49

-Schick razor $4.00
-Crest Pro Health mouthwash $0.75
-$2 in RR from the Exedrine deal

Total: $5.41 (before tax) and I got a $4.50 Register Reward for the mouthwash!

Here's what I got at CVS:
-Soft and Dri deoderant $2.99 (ECB $2)
-Aussie shampoo $2.49 (ECB $1)
-Aussie conditioner $2.49 (ECB $1)
-Revlon nail polish $3.99 (ECB $3)
-2 Ambi soap $1.99 (ECB $6...$3 for each)
-Gummi Bears $0.99 (FILLER)

-$0.75 Soft and Dri
-$2.00 CRT any Revlon product

Total out of pocket: $0
I paid with a $5.92 ECB and a $6.45 ECB
I got $13 ECB in return!
I also got a $5 off of a photobook CRT.

Not again!

Looks like we might miss this one...but it looks like we will be on the east side of it which is never good...

Friday, September 5, 2008


Dillards is having a good sale right now. We just went and got some clothes for the boys for a total $25. I think they were all 75% off.

On the Colorado River in Marble Falls, Texas

The trail down to the river...

Skipping rocks...

Playing in the water...
Building a dam...

and my lovely husband...he stopped and cut this cactus to show the kids...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Money Maker at Walgreens

This week at Walgreens you can get Excedrin for free!
Here's how you do it:
2 Excedrin Migraine: $1.99 each
2 Excedrin PM: $1.99 each
2 printable Excedrin Migraine coupons (found here)
2 manufacturers Excedrin PM coupons (from the newspaper)
Find 4 of the cheapest items you can in the store to make up for the $0.01 (check the clearance). Do 4 separate transactions and with each you will get a $1 Register Reward! If you do them all at once you will only get 1 RR.

So basically you are paying the tax and whatever extra things you buy to make up for the $0.01. and then you are getting $4 back! I messed mine up...I only did 2 transactions but I paid $0.75 for 4 Excedrins and got $2.00 back!

Yay! Kyle fixed my camera!!!

So now I am going to spend all day uploading pics!

First, I wanted to show our Family Fun Day at the Civic Center. We had to pay about $12 to get in but the kids had tons of stuff to do. They made masks, went "fishing", made bookmarks (that they laminated for us!), saw a goat and some pigs, decorated hardhats, went bowling, decorated cookies, watched a magic show, got tons of little toys, pencils, keychains, coloring books, and Aidan and Jackson got back massages! Colby was with Kyles mom so it was just the 5 of us. The kids really enjoyed it!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


So we are back. No damage...from the hurricane anyways. While we were gone our water pipe busted in the front yard. Lucky for us our neighbors stayed throught the storm and noticed and turned off our water for us AND called the water office for them to come repair it. So that worked out well.
Evacuating was HORRIBLE. It took us about 14 hours to get to Austin when it should have taken us about 7. I was sick almost the whole way there. VERY stressful. Better safe than sorry, I know, I know. But we will not evacuate for the next hurricane until the day before and it has to be a direct hit and at least a Cat. 2. So I pray that Ike and Josephine decide to go elsewhere!
Got some good deals today but I hate to post them with out pics! Maybe Kyle will work on getting the camera hook up to work soon. I have so many pics to share!