Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas 2008

Here are some cinnamon caramel chocolate nutty apples Kyle made.

Some cute pics of the boys Sunday before church.

These are the presents the boys picked out for each other this year.
Here's the fam at Grandma's house.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Jesus

My wonderfully talented husband made this cake last night at midnight...when he remembered we were supposed to bring it to his family's house today. Isnt it beautiful?
Happy Birthday Jesus!

Friday, December 19, 2008

What we have been up to lately...

Tyler had a scope done on his bladder on Thursday because he has been having blood in his urine. His Dr. said everything looked fine! He was really worried about the I.V. because the last time he got one they stuck him 3 times trying to find a vein. But when we talked to the anesthesist right before they took him back they told us they would give him some gas to make him sleep and then put in the I.V. He felt a lot better about the situation after that conversation!

Nervous about the IV...

Trying not to smile...

Can't help it! Mom can always make me smile whether I want to or not!

After we got home from the hospital Tyler and I made a gingerbread house that my grandma bought for him. I like the tree on the side and the LSU rooftop!

The day before the "scope" Tyler's class went shopping at Wal-Mart to buy presents and food for a local family whose parents were having money and medical problems.

We also went to a local childrens museum where Kyle and Tyler and I built a big long bridge from blocks.

Isn't he so cute?

Playing at the magnet table...
On Friday all the boys had Christmas parties at school. The younger boys sang in a little Christmas program. Colby's class made snowflakes from sparkly pipe cleaners. Tyler's class made gingerbread houses with homemade gingerbread.

The finished product...

Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Tour of Homes


BooMama is having a Christmas Tour of Homes. So...welcome to my home! Its not as fancy and most of the homes I've seen today but it suits us just fine! At least until the boys move out...then we can have nice things again! Anyways, please leave me a comment letting my know you've stopped by!

Here is my tree, decorated with mostly homemade ornaments (my favorite kind)...
Here are the stockings I made for $1 a piece...

Here is my favorite "Nativity" scene...

Here are the window sticky snowflake things we made...

Here is my Christmas Tree card holder that I got at a garage sale last year...

Here is our collection of Christmas books, we try and read one everyday in December until Christmas day...

And here is my house, decorated beautifully by my good lookin' husband!

That's all folks!
Thank you so much for stopping by!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Our Christmas Tree

Kristin at We are THAT Family wants to take a peek at her readers Christmas Trees. So I decided to share mine along with a few of my favorite ornaments.
My mom bought us this ornament last has all of our names on it and we thought it was so cute. Open closer inspection we realized that I was the gingerbread man and Kyle was the gingerbread woman! But I still really like it.

This is my 2nd favorite ornament. My super crafty friend Jennifer made it for me for my birthday last month and I LOVE it! She should totally open up a shop on Etsy but she hates to sell her stuff...she would rather just give her creations as gifts...

I also love homemade ornaments that the kids make at school. We actually made these last year...they still smell like cinnamon and were really easy to make. Here is the recipe/directions.

And last but certainly not least, this is my dear husbands favorite ornament. It is a Christmas scene inside a little walnut. Cute!