Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Homeschool Curriculum 2012-2013

I think I have finally decided which homeschool curriculums we will be using next year. I've been researching it for the past couple of weeks and here is what I have come up with.

By subject:

   -Volume 1. Everyone will be using this curriculum, on separate levels of course ; ) I will probably get the lapbook and notebooking downloads that go along with this curriculum. Be sure to join the MOH Yahoo group for great ideas that go with the curriculum!

   -Tyler (8th grade)- Exploring Creation with Biology
   -Aidan and Jackson (2nd & 3rd)-Exploring Creation with Astronomy I will also be using the notebooking journals that go along with this curriculum.

-Math U See-
   -Tyler (8th grade)- Pre-Algebra
   -Colby (7th grade)- Zeta
   -Aidan and Jackson (2nd & 3rd)- Beta

   -Tyler-Learning Language Arts Through Literature- The Grey book
   -Colby- Learning Language Arts Through Literature- The Green book
   -Aidan and Jackson-First Language Lessons Book 3

   -Wordly Wise- Books 2,3,7, and 8

-Handwriting- (For Aidan and Jackson only)
   -Getty Dubay- Book B and C

   -First Form Latin  (For Tyler and Colby only)

I think we are going to use our BSF materials for Bible.

 I am excited about all this new curriculum! Tyler and Colby had started this past year with Switched on Schoolhouse which worked really well for Tyler, but not so much for Colby. We had to switch him  to something else mid year. Although Tyler has enjoyed SOS he has asked to go back to regular books this year. I used KONOS with Aidan and Jackson this year but I think that curriculum just wasn't a good fit for us. Thanks for reading! Make sure to check out my Homeschool Lesson Planner!

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Sarah Avila said...

This will be our first year using MOH. I didn't realize there were lapbook and notebooking downloads to go with it. Where do you get them?
I will definitely join in on the yahoo group!

We also use Apologia for science. We are finishing up astronomy now and then we will start botany.

If you are interested in connecting with other Apologia users, please check out the Apologia blog roll on my blog!



Brooke said...

Hi Sarah!

You can find the notebooking and lapbooking pages on MOH website...here is a link

Thanks for stopping by! I will look into the Apologia blogroll : )


Sarah Avila said...

Thanks Brooke! I found them! Now to decide if I should add those in or not! Of course I want to, but I also don't want to overload our schedule!

Thanks for joining the Blog Roll!

Hope you have a great year!


jen said...

We are starting Learning Language Arts Through Literature The Blue Book for my 6 year old daughter Emily this year