Saturday, March 31, 2012

Tylers Football Practice

Listen and Learn

So cute in his uniform!

Water break and Colby getting the details of the first half of practice : )



Colby won his age division at the NOBTS Fun Run earlier that morning!

Our freckle king!

I got kinda bored (it was a 2 hour practice!) so I took a pic of the water droplets on the 3 leaf clovers : )

I think these are the offensive linemen? Tyler is all the way to the right...


He's in some kind of squatting position ready to hit that yellow thing...

SO thankful for a few other kids from NOBTS playing this year, that means we can switch taking the boys to practice! Aren't they so handsome?

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mardi Gras

We learned a lot about New Orleans Mardi Gras this year!
 For example, the best area for parade watching with your family is Uptown. We avoided all the New Orleans parades last year because we thought everyone would be wild and crazy and rude and intoxicated, which it probably is in some places closer to the Quarter. But on St. Charles where we were there were no problems at all. We had a great time. And it is definitely more fun to go with friends since there can be a lot of waiting after setting up camp and also in between parades.

We caught the end of the Thoth parade.

A MUCH larger crowd that Friday night! Our friend Katy got up at 4am to secure us a spot at this parade.
Parents set up these benches that are  screwed into the top of ladders so their kids can see and catch stuff. The wheels are so you can pull the ladder instead of carrying it.

Tyler had a great time!

Colby and a friend from campus sharing a ladder

My Freckle King!

Dancing bands!

The kids have so much fun catching stuff and hanging out with their friends.

the 610 Stompers, a dance group from New Orleans composed of men ages 20-60.

Some of our crowd from campus

Mason, Tyler and Aidan

The closer to Mardi Gras the parades got, the crazier they were. So we were done with parades after Sunday night. Last year on Mardi Gras we decided to go to the Tanger Outlet in Gonzales, and we did the same this year. This is at Cracker Barrel.

We all enjoyed a game of checkers : )

My moody teenager : )

We had so much fun at Mardi Gras this year thanks to our friends the Pucketts who provided a place to set up, food, fun and fellowship!