Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Works for me Wednesday

Only 6 more days until the first day of school! The kids are excited...I am very exited. All the supplies and uniforms and backpacks have been purchased and we are prepared to have a great school year.

I was helping one of the teachers set up her room today and I thought of how much work they do throughout the year and just how little they get paid! And I was also thinking of how little I will probably get to help this year because I will be in school also. So here is what I was thinking I would do. Make a form for all my kids teachers to fill out with the following questions:
1. What is your favorite color?
2. What is your fav. fast food lunch and breakfast?
3. Where do you rent your movies?
4. What is your fav. beverage?
5. What is your fav. candy bar?
6. When is your birthday?
7. What is your fav. dessert?
8. What is your fav. author/books?
9. What is your fav. snack?

Then I can use this info to send the teacher a little something every once in a while, like her favorite candy bar, or maybe a McMuffin for breakfast, or a Dr. Pepper in the afternoon when I pick up the kids. It also helps to have this info around Christmas and Teacher Appreciation Week.

That's all the ideas I have for picking up little inexpensive items for the teacher...if you can think of any more ideas please share them with me in the comments! I got some of these ideas from an anonymous comment on my last blog post. (Thanks!)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Back to School traditions

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Here are some ideas I have come up with for a Back to School tradition...

1. Getting ready early and taking everyone to IHOP for breakfast. (Or recreating their face pancakes at home with cherries/strawberries, whipped cream, and chocolate chips.) You could also go to McDonalds for their yummy cinnamon rolls, or go to a donut shop and get sprinkled doughnuts!

(We opted to make pancakes at home, letting the kids pick out what they wanted)

2. This one is pretty easy: Have everyone decorate a poster board with the date on it and take a picture with it on the first day of school. Repeat this in the same spot every year (changing the date of course!)

3. After picking the kids up from school take them for ice cream and let them tell you about their day. (Or have all the fixings for ice cream at home so they can make their own)

4. I have read about people that are doing a countdown until the 1 day of school. They have their children hang their backpacks on the door when they go to bed.Then the parents leave a new school supply in it for them to find in the morning. This is a great idea but I don't have to buy school supplies for my childrens school, they do it for us!

5. I saw this in Family Fun magazine. If you have a lot of children in your neighborhood get together with the other parents and have a breakfast buffet near the bus stop. The parents and kids can all meet and eat and play together before school starts. Again this would not work in my situation since there are no other school age children on our street!

This is all I could come up with. I saw that Fish Mama over at Life as a Mom had a similar post that was more geared towards ideas for homeschoolers, so you can go check that out as well!

Please feel free to leave any ideas you might have in the comments section!