Friday, March 20, 2009

Here's a cute pic of Colby at the park the other day...

Tyler's class took a field trip to the Capitol. The kids had fun, although I think they were a little bored by the tour guide. Kyle and I thought it was really interesting though! This was a relief map that was right when you came in the door with all the parishes around the outside.

There's our parish!

Here is Tyler in front of the House of Representatives...

the roof was made from sugarcane to help with acoustics!

Here's his class in front of the Capitol.

We also went to the old Capitol too. After the tour the kids got to eat outside underneath some huge oak trees. It was beautiful weather!

One of the moms in Tylers class arranged for us to tour the Governers mansion.

Here is the dining room...

and the "living room"... although I don't think they do much living in there!

Our last stop was the USS Kidd on the Mississippi River.

This picture is really neat. It was taken by a doctor on the USS Kidd. A kamikaze plane looked like it was going to crash into the ship in the background. It pulled up in the last minute and started for the USS Kidd. The doctor didn't realize how close the plane was until he looked away from the lens and he barely had any time to move before the plane hit. He had severe injuries but survived...and so did the camera!

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