Saturday, September 18, 2010

Planning my homeschool week...

I just got done planning the boys school week. Ugh...

Its always so hard to plan it out but so much easier during the week to have it all done!

I am doing the workboxes with Aidan and Jackson, using this worksheet to plan them out for the week. I was including snacks as a fun treat but I found that they were rushing through all their folders to get to it so I decided to let them know they could just have snack when they were done with school.

Here is Aidan's workbox schedule for Monday:
Jacksons Workbox:
  • 1- Bible reading
  • 2- Glue string on S sheet
  • 3- Learn at Home p. 62
  • 4- Read "Colors" book (from library)
  • 5- Discuss body parts that come in pairs
  • 6- Read Websters Reading handbook on short E
  • 7-Use counting bears to practice adding 1
  • 8- FUN- Thumbprint art
For Tyler and Colby we are still doing Exploring Countries and Cultures and we will be learning about Mexico this week. We are also going to be:
  • learning the hymn How Great Thou Art
  • learning about Van Gogh
  • reading Oliver Twist
I'll be posting some pictures of our week "in Mexico" later on the week!


rawbanana said...

It always works for me to plan out the next week, the Thursday before. I also request books from the library on the certain continent 10 days before we will start it so that the library has ample time to get my requests together. Has been working so far! We are on week, I think 15 (2 wk of France)

mommagurl32 said...

I agree! I actually planned 3 weeks in a row so I would have to sit there for 2 hours every weeks writing out everyones schedule!