Monday, October 25, 2010

Homeschool weeks 7 and 8 (I think)

I thought I had taken more pictures this week but I guess not! I'm gonna try and do better!
Tortilla recipe
Tyler making his tortillas...
Colby making his tortillas... good!
This past week was fall break at my husbands school so we took a break too. I used the free time to do 3 weeks worth of lesson plans so hopefully that makes these next couple of weeks a little easier on me! Now I just need to do that with my menu plans!


rawbanana said...

Love the table cloth. Did the kiddos all like the tortillas? They were a BIG hit here. The dough was SO sticky though! (I got my recipe off allrecipes) was yours?

mommagurl32 said...

Thanks! The tablecloth is actually a door sign from the Dollar Tree! But it fit perfectly at our table so we used it! We used the recipe from "A Trip Around the World" for the tortillas and we weren't that impressed, but the kids were excited to have made their own.