Saturday, February 18, 2012

Our first New Orleans Parade!

We have been to parades before, but only in Lake Charles and Metairie. This was our first one in New Orleans. 
On our way to the parades!

Still pretty early, not a whole lot of people out here yet...

Silly boy!

Football with friends!

Our little Jack Jack boo.

My handsome husband playing with the boys while we wait...

Some more have to set up and reserve your spot, then you just hang out and visit and wait for the parades!

Waiting is a lot more fun when you are with friends...

Boys boys boys!

I was so scared they were gonna tumble into the street! But they didn't : )

Parade is about to start!

Lotsa people!

This is how they used to light up the parades way back in the day...I think they are called flambeaus?

We had so much fun!

Our sweet friends!

The floats are nothing like what we had back in Lake Charles!


The Uptown throws were so much better than any other parade I've ever been to. We are ready to go back tomorrow after all this rain gone!

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