Saturday, March 31, 2012

Tylers Football Practice

Listen and Learn

So cute in his uniform!

Water break and Colby getting the details of the first half of practice : )



Colby won his age division at the NOBTS Fun Run earlier that morning!

Our freckle king!

I got kinda bored (it was a 2 hour practice!) so I took a pic of the water droplets on the 3 leaf clovers : )

I think these are the offensive linemen? Tyler is all the way to the right...


He's in some kind of squatting position ready to hit that yellow thing...

SO thankful for a few other kids from NOBTS playing this year, that means we can switch taking the boys to practice! Aren't they so handsome?


Amy said...

I already have a request in to go to some of the games. Please get me a game schedule so we can cheer them on!!

Traci said...

"So cute in his uniform!" I love it. Such a mom comment! I'd like to come watch them play, too. So much fun.