Friday, April 20, 2012

Navy Week!

 Today the whole family got to go on a field trip together! I was excited because I normally go alone with the boys because Kyle is usually in class. Right now the Navy has several ships in port to commemorate the War of 1812 and we toured 2 of them this morning. We had never been on a working ship before, only ones taken out of commission, like the USS Kidd.
This was actually taken on campus on Thursday...the Blue Angels have a show this weekend and were practicing right over us! They practiced for several hours-it was great!

The first boat we toured.

The flags were just for decoration. Each flag stands for a letter of the alphabet, but they aren't in any kind of order here.

This was a really fancy gun that was operated by a computer in another part of the ship. It shoots 4500 rounds per minute.

The Freckle King!

Playing around on one of the big guns : )

Colby loved this part : )

Aiming for New Orleans!

A good looking civilian I found on the ship ; )

They wear the mitt to pick up the spent shells from the 50 caliber guns on board.

Blue Angels right over campus on Friday : ) Hope the show doesn't get rained out tomorrow!

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...from the Inside Out said...

Wow, how much run! We saw the Blue Angels years ago. They were awesome! We are actually gonna be in Baton Rouge and thought about going to see them but we decided not to :(. Have fun!