Sunday, May 26, 2013

Tickfaw State Park

After seeing pictures of Tickfaw State Park and their extremely nice cabins on facebook after a friend went last year I decided we needed to make the hour trip over and bring the boys to camp (cabin style) for a couple of days.

(These first few pics were from my phone, so they are smaller and grainy. Sorry!

We loaded up on junk food and fishing poles and headed out on Monday morning. 

Here's the living room. It had a fireplace, pull out sofa bed, and flat screen tv.

The kitchen.

The "master" bedroom, a double bed. 

The boys room. All the beds came with clean linens and pillows.

My boys 

Me and my sweetie

Jack Jack


The Rhodes boys

Nasty looking caterpillar

Kyle enjoying the scenery

Jackson trying to figure out the raccoon proof trash receptacles. He was amazed at the "technology".

Alligator enjoying the sun.

A friendly raccoon the kids quickly named Hickory after he took off in the woods with Colbys watch!

Hickory knew the sound of new campers! He showed up while we were unloading.

Trying their darnedest to start a fire for the firepit. They eventually had to steal a hot coal from the grill.

I just love these little boogers.

They tried for about 45 minutes to start a fire!

Aidan and his lizard friend.

Helping dad cook the dogs.

Hickory getting up close and personal. 

This is Tyler and his good friend Logan. They killed a cottonmouth in the woods, skinned it, roasted it, and ate it. They are nasty. They also apparently rolled around in poison oak out there in the woods because they are both covered in a nasty rash right now and will probably have to go to the doc for help getting rid of it!

Hope you enjoyed checking out our little vacay!

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