Friday, September 20, 2013

Creation to the Greeks Week 1

You can follow my Creation to the Greeks board on Pinterest for lots of ideas for CTG. That is where I found lots of the stuff I'm doing this year!

Here are a few pics from our first week.
Instead of doing the Days of Creation from the CTG appendix, we decided to decorate numbers and put them in our notebooks.I found the idea for this on Pinterest, on this blog. This one is Jacksons.

This is Aidan's.

Another thing we decided to do differently were the Greek words. The book says to write them on index cards, but we decided to use their primary journals instead, so they could draw a picture of the word as well. I got the idea from this blog.

We also watched this video by Rhett and Link that talks about Genesis. My kids are big fans!

We also watch pretty much all the videos that the blog It Happens in a Flash uses for CTG. Check her out!

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