Wednesday, September 3, 2008


So we are back. No damage...from the hurricane anyways. While we were gone our water pipe busted in the front yard. Lucky for us our neighbors stayed throught the storm and noticed and turned off our water for us AND called the water office for them to come repair it. So that worked out well.
Evacuating was HORRIBLE. It took us about 14 hours to get to Austin when it should have taken us about 7. I was sick almost the whole way there. VERY stressful. Better safe than sorry, I know, I know. But we will not evacuate for the next hurricane until the day before and it has to be a direct hit and at least a Cat. 2. So I pray that Ike and Josephine decide to go elsewhere!
Got some good deals today but I hate to post them with out pics! Maybe Kyle will work on getting the camera hook up to work soon. I have so many pics to share!

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smbwallace said...

I hate the experience was so terrible, but glad you were all safe and sound.