Thursday, October 30, 2008

E.R. Visit

(This is not Tylers!)
I think this is only our second time in the ER this year. Not bad for having 4 boys right?

So here's the lowdown. Kyle picked up the boys from school yesterday and Tyler was complaining about his left thigh hurting. Kyle figured that he might be having a growing pain, because what else would make your thigh start to hurt in the middle of a spelling test? Well, anyways, the pain got progressively worse to where Tyler was moaning and crying for about 45 minutes straight. Then he started vomiting. So Kyle decided to take him to the ER. LOOOOOONG story short, we got there at 3:30pm and he was diagnosed with a kidney stone at around 10:30ish. The doctor said Tyler was the 2nd youngest child he has ever seen with a kidney stone. So we were sent home with some pain meds and anti-nausea meds around 11pm. They had given Tyler some morphine so he slept like a baby all night and is feeling a ok today. He should be able to trick or treat with no problems!


Anonymous said...

Tell him I get them too if you already haven't lithotripsyis the way to go.

Miss Mommy said...

So very sorry to hear about your little guys E.R. visit. My adult friend just had them not too long ago....he asid they are not fun at all. Happy to hear your little guy is feeling a bit better, and gets to go trick or treating tomorrow!! That's great news!!

Andrea said...

Wow! Everyone I know whose had kidney stones said they are the worst pain. I can't imagine being a child and having to endure it.

I hope trick-or-treating went well.

ed said...

Wow! I've been to the ER a number of times before and I've never had to wait that long for a diagnosis! Especially with a child you usually trump all the other poor adult saps that aren't on the verge of dying.

Did the diagnosis take a long time, or did they just take their sweet time in seeing him?

mommagurl32 said...

We had to wait a long time simply because our ER is crappy and they don't know what they are doing. I could write all night about the stuff they did or did not do but all it does is make me mad all over again. Luckliy my mother in law used to work there and got in touch with the head of the ER and let her know what had happened and she was very upset about it all. So at least we know what to do next time. I would suggest that whenever anyone has to bring their child into the ER to write down wait times, dr/nurse names, medicines and anything else ou might need to remember later. If we had done that we could have been more specific when we went to complain.