Sunday, May 9, 2010

A blog for Grandma

My grandmother has fussed at me for not blogging this is for you Grandma!
Here's whats going on with us:
-I am looking forward to school being over with the boys. We still have about a month left to finish since we got started later than all the regular schools. I am looking into doing the Charlotte Mason method with them next year. I think the boys will really like it since she really focuses a lot on nature study.

-We are getting ready to go to Disney in about 2 1/2 weeks with my in-laws. I am NOT looking forward to the drive. My kids don't really travel well. They are super whiny and have to pee a lot. I think we are going to split them all up between 3 cars though, so maybe it wont be too bad. I'll probably get some good books and magazines to read and tune everyone out!

-We are also in the process of getting the house ready to sell. Kyle is actually cutting drywall as we speak. As soon as we get the ceilings done we can put the for sale sign up... I am so ready! I am tired of trying to keep this house clean!

-I go back to the dr tomorrow to see what he has to say about my headaches. I am still having them all day everyday. They are either sharp pains around my eyes or the dull achy pain at the top of my neck. Hopefully he will have something that will help. He gave me some samples of Maltrex which seemed to work but when I went to go pick up a prescription she told me it would be about $8 per pill! I was like, "No thanks!".

I guess that is all for now...I will try to have something more interesting for you later in the week Grandma!

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