Monday, May 10, 2010


I have been researching and trying to figure out what we are going to use for homeschooling next year. While the boys have been doing well with A Beka, I think using the Charlotte Mason method is going to work better for us next year. I am tired of fighting with them to get all their worksheets done and not doing school as a family. I love the idea of everyone sitting on the couch listening to me read Swiss Family Robinson and then counting that as school! I also love the idea of the boys learning from "living books" rather than textbooks. I think they will enjoy using Charlotte Mason methods as well. She encourages parents to have their children have a weekly nature walk which my kids will really enjoy. I cant wait to learn about different kinds of birds and trees and flowers with them!

The only downside I see to this curriculum is trying to get it all organized. Hopefully I can get Kyle to sit down with me and help me out with it. The kids will be studying history, math, geography, Bible, hymns, artists, composers, literature, science...I think that is everything. I think they are also supposed to study poetry, but I really hate poetry, so we might skip that! I am really looking forward to planning the new school year!

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Kelli said...

Oh no you can't skip poetry!! I promise you will love doing it with them, get a lot of good poetry book collection. Those are some of our greatest memories is reading poetry together! ;)