Saturday, August 30, 2008


Since it looks like Hurricane Gustav is headed our direction we are headed out of town! We waited until a mandatory evac last time and it took us 6 hours for us to go somewhere that generally takes us 2 hours or less to get to. So we are leaving early this time for the great state of Texas! It will take us about 6-6 1/2 hours to get to our destination. We have everything packed and we are leaving bright and early in the morning. I have books, dvd's, printable activities and snacks and drinks...I hope the kids do ok on the trip. We are thinking we will get up somewhere between 3-5 am and driving while the kids sleep a while. Hopefully the weather doesn't get too bad around here and our house will be exactly as we left it!

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Rela Pantaleon-Manigsaca said...

HI, I found you through Katy Lin's MHR list.

Anyhow, hope you have a smooth and safe drive to the lone star state.