Saturday, August 28, 2010

Busy week

This past week has been quite busy! I think I had something to do every night. Monday we all went to the CHESS (Christian Home Educators Support System) picnic, Tuesday I had a Ministry Wives class, Wednesday we went and ate dinner at church, Thursday I had a Student Wives fellowship, and Friday we had a BBQ with our apartment complex. Good thing there was nothing planned today, it hasn't stopped raining!

I finally made it to the main library here all the way in downtown only to find out there is only "pay to park" all around it! Really? Who is going to pay to park at the public library? I was so annoyed! I requested the books I wanted from that branch to be sent to a more local (and probably more more scary!) location.

Our first week of homeschooling went well. The boys are really liking My Father's World. Here are a few pictures from this week...
Their vocabulary words for this week:
Tyler working on his continents:
The kids will start their co-op classes this week. Everyone is taking P.E. on Mondays and Fridays, and Tyler and Colby are taking Choir and Science Lab. Then at the end of the week Kyles family will be here! Here is what the kids want to accomplish while their grandparents are visiting:
-Get fudge from the The Fudgery at the Riverwalk
-Ride the streetcars
-Go to Cafe Du Monde and eat beignets
-Go to WWII Musuem
-Go to the Aquarium
-Go to the Zoo
-Go to Superior Grill
and go to a Zephyrs game...all in one weekend!

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