Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday Meanderings...

I joined up with Sarah @ In Light of the Truth to do Monday Meanderings!

Bible Study:
I have been reading throught the New Testament, I am in Colossians right now...

Memory Verse:
I don't have one...although I would like to! Hmm...

Husband Encouragement:
Do more of "his chores" (taking our trash...etc) around the apartment so he doesn't have to...start over on the 30 Day Husband Encourangement Challenge... let him nap when he gets home from work

Train them up:
Pray with them daily, having patience with them is the hardest part of my working really hard on being patient and loving and not using harsh words or tones! Its no wonder they talk to each other the way they do...they hear it from me all the time!

Personal Goals:
Walk for 30 minutes Monday-Thursday evenings with a new neighbor! Read my bible daily, have patience!!!

New habit of the month:
Getting dressed in the morning before school. We just moved into a new apt building and everyone around us homeschools. So there is no telling when someone might show up!

Must do:
Get the kids on time to their homeschool classes, go to the public library to get books on hold, go to seminary library to return books and give the librarian her mail (we live in her old apt!), go to used homeschool store in Slidell, clean house before the in-laws visit his weekend!

Pretty much the whole apartment, since we are having visitors this weekend!

Monday- Kaiser roll sandwiches
Tuesday- Pulled pork sandwiches
Wednesday- Eat at church
Thursday- Ham and Cheese calzones
Friday- Chicken Empanadas

Fun things:
We are saving up all our fun for the weekend (see my last post for all the weekend activities!)

3 things I am thankful for today:
My husbands job, The Swap Shop, new friends!


In Light of the Truth... said...

You have a walking partner! I'm so jealous!! Well, thanks for joining me this week! It's always nice to "new" faces! =) And many blessings on your week!!

Kelli said...

Welcome! ;) So I am ready to see some pictures of your new dwelling place... we sure do miss you guys! Just not the same around here with out yall and the boys!

JOYfully in Him,

Wander said...

Hi there
I just noticed your comment on Kristen's blog We Are THAT Family.
Popped over to see who you were.
My husband ALMOST went to NOBTS.
We even looked at housing....and had all our paperwork complete.
But, God.
He had other plans.
We ended up in Indiana and he commuted to Southern in Louisville.

It looks like you're new to this seminary life? If so, enjoy it!
This is a great time in your family's journey!
You'll make so many ministry friends and God will teach you so many wonderful things.
Goodluck with your schooling & adjusting to N.O.
You're in great hands!

And, if you happen to see Harry Connick Jr. give him a hug from me!