Friday, August 1, 2008

Coupon Binder Show & Tell

This is my coupon binder!
(A friend of mine drew the pic that is in front for me in 9th grade.
Don't know why I still have it!)

Anyways, here is my zipper pocket that holds my CVS bucks, scissors, envelopes, pens, rain checks and some coupons for free fries and stuff like that that the boys got from the library for reading 10 books each this summer:

I have the coupons organized the way they were in my coupon file that I had before this, so most sections are not labeled. I use baseball card holders that I got from Office Depot for about $2.50 for 10. Each sheet holds 9 coupons.

I keep the weekly ads in the back part of my binder so I can refer to them if I need to .

Thats it!
Click here to see more coupon binders!


Anonymous said...

so organized! kg

Kama said...

Looks like a great system. I have a very similar one except my binder is floppy. I like the zipper pocket (good idea to keep CVS bucks, etc, in there) and the dividers. I need to get those to work for me as well.

Beth said...

Awesome! I really think I need to switch to the baseball card holders-I love how you can see it all at a glance! TFS!!