Sunday, August 24, 2008


For the 2 of you who actually read my blog...I will not be able to post as much since I am back at school. There are so many other bloggers just up and quitting b/c they have so much going on but I love sharing my deals that I get and having a place to share with others about my crazy family. Just thought you should know. Have a nice day!

I did some shopping at Walgreens today. Here's what I got:

3 Puff tissue boxes- $1.79 each (Sale $0.89)
3 Dawn dishwashing liquids- $1.99 each (Sale $0.99)
1 Edge shaving gel- $2.49 each (Sale $1.99)
2 packs of Trident gum- $1.49 each (Sale $0.99)
3 jars of Peter Pan peanut butter- $3.49 (Sale 3 for $5.00)
Total $27.28
-3 $0.25 off Puffs (newspaper)
-3 $0.50 off Dawn (newspaper)
-1 $1.00 off Edge (don't remember where this is from)
-2 $0.75 off Trident(All You womens magazine)
-3 $1 off Peter Pan (All you womens magazine)

Total (before tax) $7.36
Wag coupon savings $12.67
MFG coupon savings $7.25
Total Savings $19.92
I will add a pic once I find the cord to my camera!

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