Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Ringling Brothers Circus is in town!

Last night we went to the Ringling Bros. Circus at the Civic Center. We had a blast but the little ones weren't that impressed! They have only been to one other circus, the one the Shriners put on...I can't think of what it is called. This one was basically the same. I had a massive headache but mostly enjoyed the show. The tickets to get in aren't that expensive but once you get in you have to shell out the big bucks for all the doodads! We actually did pretty good last night. They had little cannons that shoot out a man for $6 and the kids have been playing with them all morning. They also had these light spinning things, which a lot of the kids there had. They were $20! You can get these at Walmart for around $4.

I told Kyle that next time we go to this type of event we will be prepared and pick up snacks and toys beforehand and hand them out as if we bought them there! Its hard because we have 4 of them to buy for. Another thing that helped was that we went and had dinner right before the circus so the kids didn't really beg for drinks and snacks like usual.


Anonymous said...
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Carlie Faulk said...

We just went to the curcus too! 20 bucks for the spinning things - that's crazy!! We didn't buy anything - ok - cotton candy. But that was it! We aren't allowed to bring any snacks in - they search your purse and bags as you go in.

It was fun though - I wish I'd have seen those little cannons. Those are cute!