Thursday, August 14, 2008

You know you are a mom when...

I found this on another blog called The Glamorous Life Association. I thought it was funny so I thought I would share it!

You know you are a mom when:

You buy your clothes at Target, and the kids school clothes at Nordstrom because you are more concerned about their social fashion status than your own.

For dinner you cook the last 5 chicken breasts in the freezer for your family of 6. But you are not worried because someone won’t like dinner and you will just eat their left overs.

You know more than one way to sneak vegetables into your kids (or husbands) meals. They discover it every time…but you simply refuse to give up.

You have actually prayed to God for your kids to go to naptime early/peacefully/immediately.

You can pick a stray sock up off the floor with your feet to avoid having to bend over while holding baby (or while pregnant when it is a physical impossibility)

An uninterrupted shower or bathroom visit is as good as a day in the spa for you.

You have considered just doing the homework for your kid (which would take 3 minutes) instead of going thru the hours of struggle to help them do it themselves.

You count down the days until summer begins and you can’t wait for beach days with your kids.

You count down the days until school starts and you can’t wait to get rid of the mountains of sand acquired in your car.

You own more bottles of sunscreen than expensive beauty products.

You are a light sleeper-after years of waking to your childs cries in the middle of the night.

You are skilled at using your children as human shields in front of the parts of your body you are not happy with, during family photos.

Your car has at least one fast food wrapper on the floor, one toy too small and just out of reach under the car seat, and has numerous mystery stains. And this is after you asked the kids to clean it out.

You know the Nickelodeon/Disney/Cartoon Network line-up far better than CNN or HBO.

Its funny cuz it true! Well, most of it...I don't even know what Nordstroms is!


Marcy Writes - The Glamorous Life said...

Honored to have been featured here in your home! Nordstroms is a fancy shmancy department store...that I only seem to go in when headed to the children's department!

I can't believe you are a fellow M.O.B. member! What's MOB? Mother Of Boys!..........

Have a great day....well, actually I just hope you survive and the boys don't tie you up or anything!

Miss Mommy said...

Thanks for's scary how many of them are true to me as well!!

Andrea said...

I loved this. I laughed out loud!!!! Thanks for sharing. I'll have to check out the blog you obtained it from to see what else she has. Your Blogsphere fellow MOB.