Monday, August 11, 2008

Getting ready for school!

Only one week until school starts! As a whole, I think our summer went fairly well. Only 1 ER visit...I think that is pretty impressive. Oh yeah...I forgot about the broken bone...but that did not happen in my care so it doesn't count!

I think we have everything ready...they have uniforms, lunchboxes, backpacks. I think they need socks though...and maybe a trim...and new icepacks...and belts...maybe we aren't as ready as I thought.

I still need books...I am trying to get them off the internet since they are much cheaper than renting or buying used from the schools bookstore.

I am not looking foward to packing their lunches everyday! When I do my grocery shopping this Wednesday I will have to find some yummy lunches for them. Not an easy task!

I am going to try and start a fun first day of school tradition. Since I have ZERO imagination, I will be googling for some ideas...and I will post them here to help other creativity challenged moms like me!

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The Burger Blog said...

We have 12 days here. My oldest son is starting out kg this year so I need some good ideas.

I just read this one the other day in a magazine. The kids leave their backpacks out and the backpack fairy fills them with school supplies for the first day of school.

Unfortunatly, the only thing they we are supposed to send them with is their backpack, so it doesn't work for us this year. (but on the bright side....I don't have to buy anything!)

His school sent home a 14 day countdown and so far we have draw a picture of the family and plan what you want for the first day of school breakfast....perhaps that could be something.