Thursday, July 31, 2008

Boring, boring, boring!!!

I just realized that I had only been doing memes this week.

I'm guessing its because nothing has been going on around here. Its been so hot I just want to hang around the house. The boys went to camp for the first time last week, and they had a really good time. I have gotten a few sales here and there but nothing too exciting.

I was reading someones blog this morning about how well her kids (boy and girl) had gotten along this summer and I was totally jealous. She was saying that she wasn't ready for school to start again.

I am counting down the hours until school starts on the 18th.

This is my kids all summer: "Can I have a snack can you tell him to get his feet off of me he took my drink/toy/book/snack can we play the wii can you tell him its my turn he won't give me the controller he keeps changing the channel can we go swimming can we have a snack are we going somewhere today its hot MOM Aidan is spilling cereal all over the floor he took my toy/string/snack/stick and broke it ON PURPOSE can we have a popsicle MOM Colby hit me with a piece of grass he won't stop putting his leg on my chair can I have a sip of your dr pepper can we have a snack its HIS turn to feed Tyco no I fed him yesterday not uh yeah huh not uh yeah huh etc. etc. etc.

Of course them starting school also means school for me too. Not looking forward to the second year of anatomy or microbiology. The school year is difficult for all of us. I miss a lot of field trips and holiday parties at their school because I'm in class and I feel really guilty! I hope I can attend a few more parties this year since my schedule has changed a little from last year. It is going to be hard to try and be fair with everyones parties. 4 Fall Festival parties, 4 Thanksgiving parties, 4 Christmas parties, 4 Valentines parties,4 Easter parties...and then field trips...good grief!

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Anonymous said...

ah the good life...i thought your memes have been great, especially the "My Husband is the Greatest Because..." kg