Monday, July 7, 2008

No Other Gods by Kelly Minter

A small group from my church has started doing this Bible study. After the first 2 days of "homework" I wasn't too impressed. But I just finished the 1st session (5 days) and I think I will enjoy this study. I don't have the whole workbook yet, we just printed the first week off of the internet, so I am looking forward to the rest. Not only is it very informative and thought provoking, it keeps me in His Word daily.

I have done a few Bible studies by Beth Moore and I really enjoy how down to earth she is and how fun and enlightening her videos and studies are. She has a blog and posted that she was going to do Kelly's workbook and asked if any other ladies wanted to do it as well. Over 3000 women posted saying they would like to join her! There are ladies in every state as well as several other countries doing this study this summer.

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