Friday, July 25, 2008

My Husband Rocks!

My husband rocks because he gets up in the middle of the night

with the kids

or to turn the air down

or check out a noise

or get me water (with a high ice to water ratio)

or when there is bad weather (sometimes...he is not good at actually staying awake!)

or whatever else I would ask him to do after I repeatedly poke him to wake him up.

He has done this since we got married and never complains!

I love you babe!

I found this at the great adventure.


Katy Lin :) said...

he sounds like an absolutely fantastic guy! thanks for joining us! :)

Jen said...

Hey Mommagurl! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! I LOVED this post! Your husband sounds just awesome! Isn't it nice when they do things like that? We need all the help we can get, right? Hope to see you again soon!

marye said...

He sounds wonderful! I am also an ice junkie...My husband constantly refills my mason jar with ice..and just the right amount of water...that is important stuff!

jamie in rose cottage said...

Isn't this a great little meme? I participated for the 1st time today. Enjoyed reading yours! And that Sincerely Fro pic below is hilarious! I didn't do one this week, but I've been having some fun with that meme, too!

the teach said...

So does your husband do this, mommagurl? :)

Katharyn said...

Well done you!