Thursday, July 31, 2008

Boys, Boys, Boys...

What in the world?!? Are they about to do what I think they are about to do?

Well of course!

Did they really think he would make it over?

Fun stuff!

And then this is what people saw
when they looked in our backseat on the way home from Jack in the Box tonight...
creepy Colby!

I got this mask at Target on clearance for $3 last week! Yay clearance!!!


Tasha said...

This cracks me up! I love the four-wheeler "ramp"...LOL hahaha

I only have one son and the things he comes up with is hilarious... I can only imagine what fun you get to see around your house! LOL

Anonymous said...

the are so weird, just like their dad (weird and their do not follow the i before e rule, that's weird too) but they sure are (my word verification is swift muffin "swftmufn" also weird.