Monday, July 7, 2008

Today's Deals...

I am bringing a strawberry trifle to my "No Other Gods" Bible study group tonight. So I had to go shopping. I went around and picked up a few circulars from the local grocery stores: Market Basket, Albertsons, and Krogers to see what was on sale. I went to Walmart to pick up a few things but the lines were literally 10-12 people long as usual so I went on to Market Basket.

So at Market Basket I got:
-5 12 packs of Coke and Dr.Pepper -On sale (5/$10 with a $10 purchase)
-2 packs of 24 count Chinet platter plates -On sale (2/$4)
-2 boxes of 24 count Luzianne tea -On sale (2/$3)
-fat free Cool Whip -On sale ($1)
-angel food cake mix
-Tostitos flour chips
-Tostitos corn chips

-2 coupons for $1 off Chinet making each pkg. $1!!!
-2 coupons for $.60 off Luzianne tea making them $.90 per box!!!

I didn't have coupons for the chips but Kyle had a craving so I picked them up!
My total was $26.54

I went to Kroger because they are the only store that is carrying strawberries!
-strawberries 16oz. for $2.99
-Apple Dippers $1.89
-milk $3.99
My total at Kroger was $9.31
My total for both stores was $35.85...and if you take off the $8 I paid for the chips it was $27.85!
Not bad...

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