Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Brooke

1. I live with 5 boys, 4 kids ages 3-9, and then hubby.

2. I am in school to be an R.N., I have 2 1/2 years to go.

3. I am riduculously afraid of severe weather.

4. I went to at least 7 different schools when growing up.

5. I love the way Payless smells.

6. I HATE when people can't spell.

7. I have never seen all of Top Gun.

8. My favorite show is Jon and Kate + 8.

9. I went to cosmetology school for 4 months.

10. I cry very easily.

11. I refuse to clean my bathrooms. (see #1)

12. I love to sing (don't know if everyone else loves my singing!)

13. I LOVE fried okra with ketchup!

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Thursday Thirteen


B Boys Mom said...

Great list! The smell of Payless is funny because I never thought of it before but yes it does have it's own smell. Happy TT

The Burger Blog said...

Hey! I'm Brooke too, saw your post on another blog. I too love Jon and Kate, I'm sure with 4 little ones you enjoy it as much as me. I got hooked on it when my twins weren't sleeping through the night....although 17 months later they still aren't sleeping through the night, and I still love it, if she can do it we can too!

Although she gets a lot more help, I want someone to come do my laundry...can someone come send me on vacation or tuck my tummy, and my hubby could use some hair implants,lol! Seriously we couldn't be happier than we are.

the teach said...

Well, mommagurl, I cry very easily too! I don't blame you about not cleaning the bathrooms but then what do you do? :)

mommagurl32 said...

Well, the teach, I generally BEG my husband to do the bathrooms...its his fault we had all these boys so I feel like its only fair!

DrillerAA said...

I hate when people rely on spell check!
I love fried okra, hold the ketchup.
My wife like Jon & Kate + 8.
Great list. Have a great TT, even though it's almost Friday.

Anonymous said...

I stopped by to see your first T13- I'm glad I did! What is Okra though?! I'm very curious...I clean the bathrooms every other's the one room I really don't like dirty. And it's great your studying- not easy with young children! good for you.
Mine is up too, at:

bella :)