Thursday, July 17, 2008

E.R. visit

Yesterday Jackson fell and hit his lip on the stairs and split it wide open. It bled a lot in the beginning but as soon as we put some pressure on it it stopped. But it was still split open really wide and every time he would talk it would open and close...kind of like it was talking too.

We called the Childrens Clinic to have them look at it to see if it needed a stitch. They would not see him and told us we had to go to the E.R. So Kyle came home to stay with the kids while I brought him over to the hospital. We were there from 11:30 to 2 for them to tell us that he did need a stitch but that they would be unable to keep his mouth still to stitch it and that the risks of putting him to sleep to fix it outweighed him having a scar.

I was so annoyed because the dr. came in first and said he would need a stitch. So me being the wimp that I am had to call and find someone to keep the kids so Kyle could come up there with me. They were telling me they would have to strap him to a "papoose" board. And I didn't think Jackson would appreciate that very much. So I waited for Kyle to come and not 30 seconds after he walked in the door they came and told us they weren't going to do anything and sent us home!

He was fine with the whole thing. We colored and played with his horsey and froggy (my kids are very original when it comes to naming their stuffed animals...). I let Jackson talk to Kyle on my cell and he wanted to talk to Tyler and told him, " I weddy to dit my potsitle (popsicle), a stits (stitch), and do back home". He is so precious!

He had a hard day!
When all the drama happened I was trying to organize my cabinets in my kitchen. See what I get for trying to clean? This is the fruit of my labor:

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Becky Crutcher said...

Ouch!! Poor little Jackson! That must have really hurt. Is it better now?

Jackson's conversation with Tyler....LOL...I could just hear him saying it just like you typed it!!!