Monday, June 9, 2008

David and Goliath and a car wash

I haven't been doing a bible time with the kids since Kyle does one with them when he puts them to bed. But I felt like we should also do one in the mornings. So, today we did David and Goliath. It went ok...the little ones can't sit still. I asked them to all draw a picture about the story. Tyler, Colby, and Aidan all drew a picture of David and Goliath, and Tyler even drew Goliaths shield carrier. Jackson drew a car wash.

Usually I stay home on Mondays and do laundry but my dryer hasn't been drying, it has just been heating up our wet clothes. So we stayed home and didn't really do anything productive today. Kyle worked on it when he got home so we will see if it works! He is going to get us a pool for the boys, they have one on sale at Target right now. But he has to level off part of the yard first so there is no telling when we will actually get the pool...I figured that would be something fun that we can all do. I hate being out in the heat so I hardly ever do anything outside with the boys. Also they do not know how to swim so maybe I can teach them a little myself instead of having to do lessons. We'll see!

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Anonymous said...

And I am wondering why in the world Jackson would draw a car wash.............