Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hey diddle diddle...

This week has been pretty low key. Monday I watched little Cooper while Lindsay went and got her hair cut. Then after lunch and naptime we all went swimming. We had so much fun and we stayed in the pool for a couple of hours. Yesterday we went to the library and they had a fiddler. The boys thought it was neat, I think they enjoyed it. (I know he is not holding a fiddle in the picture, he also played the banjo and the mandolin!)
After lunch it was rainy so we didnt swim for too long and Aidan started complaining about his tummy. After we came inside I took his temp and he was running a fever. When Kyle got home Aidan started throwing up about every half hour...poor baby! He got sick once in the night around 2 and then woke up feeling better this morning. We had been planning on going to the movies to see Open Season and he still wanted to go so off we went! We watched aout 30 minutes of the movie before he started feeling bad again so we had to skadattle out of there. He's doing better now.
The weather is nasty so we will be hanging out inside, hopefully I can keep them all entertained till daddy gets home!

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