Monday, June 16, 2008

Our Fathers Day Weekend

I am trying to remember what we did Saturday...I think we did pretty much nothing that morning. Kyle left at 11:30 to go play in a golf tournament. Beckie came and got the kids at one and brought them to see Kung Fu Panda. After that I went to the mall and bought a wallet for Kyle for Fathers Day. I had gotten a $10 off coupon in the mail for spending $10 or more, so I got a $25 wallet for $15. Yay! I went and picked up lunch and rented some old Desperate Housewives dvds and went home and relaxed in the recliner and watched my show!

I was supposed to go play Bunco with Lindsays group Saturday night but the hostess called her that morning and told her she was sick and couldnt do it and no one elses house was ready. So a couple of the girls (and me) that were supposed to play met at Casa instead and had dinner.

Kyle had a really good time at the tournament, he and his partner tied with some other guys for 2nd but lost the tie and ended up coming in 3rd. They played until almost 8 o' clock!

So Kyle had wanted some ridculously expensive golf balls for Fathers Day...Titleist ProV1's. I couldn't pay that much for them so I made him go get them, so technically I wasn't paying $50 for 12 golf balls, he was. Anyways, he thought that was all he was getting for Fathers Day so it was a nice suprise on Sunday when we gave him his other presents. I got him a shirt (from Academy that was marked down to $4.88!), a Nike golf towel, a wallet, and a subscription to Golf magazine.
We went to church and then had lunch at Casa (again). Luckily for us the U.S. Open was on ALL DAY so thats what we did for Fathers Day...we watched golf. Well, not really all of us...mostly just Kyle. We only catch NBC on the tv upsatirs in our bedroom...the kids played downstairs with the Wii and I watched Desperate Housewives on my laptop. It was actually a relaxing afternoon for everybody. Kyle was in the mood for wings for dinner, so I went and got him some from Buffalo Wild Wings. I got the garlic roasted mushrooms, they were disgusting and expensive, so don't ever get those.

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