Saturday, June 21, 2008

Yay! I got some good deals!

Is this a bad baby or what? He is trying to "make a fire" with his 2 popsicle sticks! He is a cutie!

We finally got our pool! We were waiting to get some sand to level out the area for the pool but we couldn't b/c of the rain. I was talking to a friend about it on Thursday that has the same pool and she told me that the instructions say not to use sand! So we have been waiting for nothing! But it is filling up tonight...slowly but surely and hopefully we can enjoy it after church tomorrow.

We decided to go out to eat at Ryans since I had a coupon. The coupon was that 2 kids eat free with the purchase of a adult meal. So all six of us ate for $25! When we were walking in someones car alarm was going off and Tyler stuck his fingers in his ears right as the alarm turned off. So then he says "I didn't know that car alarm had turned off, I just thought that (plugging his ears) worked really well!" (I guess you had to be was funny!). Anyways, while we were eating Aidan is acting all weird as usual and is playing with his food. All of a sudden he says "Hey, look! Cornbread!". He is SO funny sometimes.

I have been reading lots of blogs about being frugal. I learned that to get the best deal for the stuff you need you find a coupon for it and then look for it to be on sale at your local stores.That is what I did with the Ban deodorant (below). So I am excited about trying this with my Sunday paper weekly ads and coupons tomorrow and getting some good deals.
I did some shopping today:

-CVS: I got Ban deodorant- reg. $3.49

-on sale for $1.99

-used a coupon for $1 off

-so I only paid .99 cents!

I also got CVS brand baby soap for free! reg. $1.99

-I used a coupon for $2 off any CVS brand skincare product

-so it was free!

-Target: Oral B Cross Action Power Toothbrushes (Value Pack- 2 refills)

-on sale for $5

-used a coupon for buy one get one free

-so I paid $2.50 a piece

On one of the endcaps I found a white fabric shower curtain marked down to $5.94!
The boys need one for their bathroom and I never could find one. The ones at Walmart
are all vinyl and are at least $10! So I am really excited about this deal!

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