Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I love me some clearance!!!

So, I didn't post yesterday b/c I wasn't feeling well and we really didnt do anything. Today we went to storytime and ran some errands around town. Jackson cant make up his mind about what kind of birthday party he wants to have so we went to Party City to let him look around. They had some Crayola Color Explosion Notebook things marked down to $2 but when I got to the register they were only .50 cents!

Getting stuff on sale is lots of fun for me! SO anyways I got one for all of the boys. We picked Kyle up from work and went and ate at Mr.Gatti's for lunch...mmmmm! We had B.A.M. tonight at church, it went well, I think the kids are enjoying it. They learned about some missionaries in Nepal. We are debating on the Target pool that is 12x36 and is $185 or the Sam's Club pool that is 15x48 and $284...decisions, decisions!

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Anonymous said...

OK, you have 4 boys I would go with the bigger pool.