Sunday, June 8, 2008

Our weekend

Saturday we all got up and went garage sale(ing). We didn't get too much, it was pretty disappointing. I got some placemats that I am going to turn into totes like this:

We also got an Elvis wig which the kids wanted to model :

Kyle did some yardwork Saturday afternoon. We had a Sunday School class party so we went and visited with everyone. We went to church Sunday and we are currently teaching the 1st grade girls. They are so quiet and polite! I went and helped my mom clean after church and Kyle took the two older boys to play golf... boring weekend!

Jackson is so funny. He has been asking these off the wall questions : Wha woo hapem if der wa a allidader on dis bwidge? Wa woo hapem if der wa a ellapint on we howse? I wonder where this comes from? He is so cute!

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